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Oct. 12th, 2008

Robert Pattinson Called Us After "How To Be" Screening!

This is almost a complete transcript taken from my audio and the video audio. I worked hard on this. Don't want to disappoint anyone.

I found out that "How To Be" was playing at the New Orleans Film Festival Oct 11, so I made plans to go. I searched for details on the website www.neworleansfilmfest.com/main.html and discovered that Mike Pearce was making an appearance for a Q&A, but little did I know that Rob was going to call in...more on that later.

The theater didn't look like it was sold out, but most people that were there seemed to be Rob fans. We took our seats at 7:15pm and waited for the movie to begin. A man from the Film Society came to the front with a mic and announced a few things and introduced the movie. When he mentioned Rob's name, a few of us cheered...trying not to look too obsessive. Here's the jaw-dropping part..... he said very casually "Rob will be joining us on the phone after the show". WHAT! There was a hush sound through out the crowd. I don't think any of us "believed" that was true.
So, the movie started and Rob was great, of course. It was very funny and Mike Pearce was very funny in this movie.

The credits rolled and the lights stayed dim and a few people got up to leave (obviously not Rob Fans). A few minutes later, the announcer and Mike came walking down the isle and we all clapped for him. I think we were just happy to see an actual actor from the film who was able to breath the same air as Rob.
He was very nice and seemed nervous to be in front of a crowd answering questions. So, all this time, I had my cell phone ready to record a possible call from Rob and frustrated b/c my battery was going dead (I knew I should have charged it before I left home).

The announcer then said "Rob, you there?"

My hands were shaking so much that my daughter had to hold me. Could this really be happening? I just wanted to see this great movie starring Rob and I was going to hear his voice IN REAL TIME!

"Yes!" Rob said. He was on the phone! We cheered for him (still almost not believing it).

Here's a bit of what I can recall after listening to my cell phone and later listening to the videos posted below. Some words are unclear (b/c of his gorgeous English accent) so I only wrote what I heard FOR SURE:

Announcer: "Where are you calling from and how do we know it's really you?"

Rob: "I'm calling from Los Angeles." (he pronounced it Los Angee-lezz, so cute) "I was working today and I'm just stuck in traffic. I'm just getting in the car right now."

Mike: "Dangerous" ( rob laughs, crowd laughs)

**He said something about crashing as he laughed. I think it was "You might hear me crash or get arrested."

Announcer: We were just talking with Mike about the film, can you tell us how you ended up in How To Be?"

Rob: **He said something about Mike harassing him. "...I got involed with it..... I read the script.... I thought it was really good... I thought it was really different from anything else I've seen for a long time.... I was really surprised when I read it."

Announcer: "Let's take a question from the audience"

Brianna: "What are some of the major differences between filming a movie like this and a movie like Harry Potter or Twilight?" (Mike whistled.)

FYI: I don't think he mentioned Twilight the whole time. Maybe he was told not to...he mentioned Harry Potter quite a few times.

Rob: **He said something along these lines "...there's not a huge amount of differences...not for me anyway...sometimes you feel there's more pressure when there's more money involved...I mean, If you're working with good people....the budget on Harry Potter was especially enormous...I never really felt that much pressure put on me personally to change the way I behaved...the way I worked...I've been happy particularly with this one ...everyone involved with it kinda had a similar upbringing....which is nice to work on, like, I mean, when you're working on Harry Potter actually all the people are very renowned..."

Mike: "...Rob's never worked with actors of my caliber." (everyone laughs)

**They then said something like...It was all down hill after meeting Mike and basically teasing each other about how Rob's career was struggling before he met Mike....funny stuff!

Tiffany: "...this is my second time seeing the movie. It's just as wonderful as the first time.... how does it feel to start being recognized for your work...your music is wonderful...how do you feel about it?"

Rob: "ummm, it's nice, yeah, I mean, I kind of...it's great, it's also great whenever you think you're terrible...for one thing, it's makes you think you're a lot better...in a lot of ways...the entire world saying you're rubbish....you're self confidence builds and builds...you think you're much better than you're actually are....it is very nice....I guess it helps the industry...helps get jobs and stuff." (That rambling was hard to follow. I think we were just listening to his voice and never heard what he really said cause no one made a sound when he was done talking.)

Cary: "This is for both of you guys. How much of your parts together were improvised and how much was scripted and if it was a little bit of both?"

Rob: ***I couldn't hear word-for-word what he said, but I remember he talked about the "pub scene" being improvised..."we just got drunk..extremely rare for something like that to happen... Justin Kelly, the producer...I don't know if he's there right now...(something about being "terrified")....you think this is the way to get a shot...get drunk and make up whatever...great experience...(more rambling)...I mean the script is great, the script is all based on...I guess it's a lot of accommodations...(it was hard to hear the rest...ugh)

Mike: "I can testify to that, uhh, the producer's not in the room, sooo...we can say 'yeah, we made up most of the script'.....(everyone laughs). "So the line credits should say mine and Rob's name."

Rob then says something about "....when the dvd comes out....cause that scene has so much footage....hours and hours....that was the best scene in the whole movie"

Hannah: "How hard was it to keep from laughing the whole time?

Rob: "...ummm, not too hard..especially that pub scene...I mean....literally...the entire time....Mike is a very good improviser..that was a really, really difficult scene to do.. I mean, I just kept cracking up the whole time...I wasn't suppose to be funny in it (laughs)..especially on two things...(He talks about "Mike's entrance" referring to when he entered the apartment (or flat as he calls it)"...what did you say when you rang on the door, Mike?....(Mike said he hadn't seen the movie yet) *really*

Mike: "They know what we're talking about." (uh, no...guess I'll wait for the dvd)

Rob: (laughs)"....yeah, that was funny...."

Candice: "....what's the aspects of your career that you're most proud of thus far ?"

Rob & Mike: "Ummmm" (everyone laughed at them answering together.)

Mike: "....I think that was for me...(everyone still laughing)..."I'll let you answer this one, you're career is struggling." (more laughs)

Rob: "....ummmm, I don't know, really." (lots of idk's..more laughs from the crowd.) " I give myself a hard time...ummm, ummm, (laughs)"..I'm not being very clear.....I was going to say I'm not proud of anything, but I am proud of some stuff...when I look back on the film....yeah, no, I'm proud of everything..." (he said something after, but girls were laughing and I couldn't hear..oh well. He then asks if "that concludes"..something I couldn't hear, but everyone is laughing with complete giddiness, I think.

Girl: "You tend to pick more artsy and and interesting roles....what do you look for in a role before committing to a project. "

Rob: "..ummm, I have a very simple procedure for the project I choose..basically, (now, I replayed this over and over. I sounds like he says "actors is everything", but I don't think that makes sense. If someone can hear it better, let me know and I change it here.)
**Thanks to http://yosinceramente.livejournal.com/ , we've concluded that he said "absolutely everything"

Rob: "...that's how I choose my project (he's laughing, everyone is laughing..wish I could remember what he said).

Rob: "...quite cool...just luck....I remember after Harry Potter, my agent wanted me to do a lot of...uh...nice guy...like smiling parts...competitions and things...ummm...I just didn't get any of the parts (he laughs)...I ended up with weird stuff...uhhh...which is good for me cause I always wanted to do weird things...yeah, I think...my..uh..my nice guy just got weirder and weirder every year and now I'm trying to play a straight up nice guy..I end up like a psychopath....yeah, I just kinda gravitated towards it.." (laughs all around)

Rob: "...I mean, I literally...How To Be...you know, I mean....it was just luck, I mean...that was really the only job, though...the only scripts I really, really wanted to do in ages..for ages...and um, I was really surprised, I thought."

Girl: "What's your favorite movie that you've done so far?"

Rob: "...uh..(laughs at Mike)...In terms of the final product or in terms of how you're doing the job?"

Announcer: "In general, they're saying"

Rob: "..oh, in general...uhhhh, ummm, uhhh, (lots of uhhh's. His voice even got a little playful...you gotta hear it).

Mike: "Why you just don't say How To Be?" (he and everyone laughs).

Rob: **He says something funny...again, can't make it out...ugghh!**

".....definitely How To Be....I like little bits of everything...I had a really good time doing How To Be...it was different from everything else...I really liked coming to work everyday...it didn't really feel like work

Kendell "....what were ya'll favorite scenes to film in How To Be?"

Rob: "Mike, you wanna answer that?"

Mike: "You go first." (more laughs)

Rob: "Oh, I think, ummmm....my favorite scene was the pub scene, I think...I mean....it was very fun shooting it.....yeah, my favorite scene was the pub scene, definitely . What was your favorite scene, Mike?"

Mike: "That was probably the most funnest to film, but the funnest to watch was when I was flying off the skate board..Oliver, the director, tried to give me some directions on how to cry and I couldn't manage it..it's outside the scope of my acting capabilities ...even if I made myself sick...tears came out."

**There was a part after he falls off the skate board that he cries....he said something about his acting ability and that he had to make himself sick by going behind a building and sticking his finger down his throat and a family seeing him and he had to explain it was just for a movie but they didn't believe him.....

Rob (speaking of Mike's crying part): ".....that was the best part..extraordinarily moving..it reminded me a lil bit..of like..the end of Shawshank Redemption." (everyone laughs)

Mike: "That's what I was aiming for." (Too funny...both of them).

Mallory: "...my question is to you and Mike....in the movie, one of the characters asked your character, Art what made them happy essentially... what makes you happy whether you're doing it or plan to do it want to do it in the future?"

Rob: **He told Mike to go first and Mike told him to go first.

".......ummmmm, what makes me happy? ummmmm,welllll, ummmmmm, (laughs) uhhhhh (laughs).......I like playing music, I guess....ummmm...welllll...just anything really... uhhhhh....no, I like seeing other people happy, seeing other people happy makes me happy.... I'm guaranteed to be happy" (Everyone went "AWWWW". Such a people pleaser ...so sweet).

Mike: **Imitating Rob** "....uhhhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhhh... I like seeing other people being happy, that makes me happy." (in a mocking tone , so cute and funny! Everyone clapped and laughed. Rob laughed as though Mike got em.)

Rob: "....I like you medicated..no, but to answer you question..I have a big problem being happy, to be honest...."


Rob: "...I have some ideas, as a matter of fact." (I could see Mike leaning back as if to be laughing silently.)

**OK...On my audio, someone says "okaaaay" right after Rob's last statement...on the video audio, I can't hear it at all...it's so clear on mine, but it sounds like Rob's saying it.**

Mallory (the girl who asked the "happy" question then says "SORRY")
***Mallory messaged me and expressed this:

"..that was why i said 'sorry'. when I had intially asked the question i was expecting a response like 'jellybeans make me happy. next question?' and was surprised by the honesty he voulenteered. Thanks again for posting this! that night has easily been the best of my life thus far :)

Posted by sing for absolution on Oct 16, 2008 8:47 AM

Announcer: "Well, thanks for joining us, Rob."

Rob: "My pleasure."

Announcer: "...is traffic moving yet?"

Rob: "...I'm so jammed....I'm on the 405...."

Announcer: "So we can call back in a couple of hours if we think of some more questions?"

Rob: "Yeah, definitely, yeah....my radio's broken actually...so, you're actually kind of keeping me entertained...it's actually for my benefit I called up..I told my manager....I want to talk to you guys.." (he pronounces each word slowly making it clear that he wants to talk to us, not the other way around. How unselfish can this beautiful creature get??)

"....wherever you are...i'm not even sure where it is..."

Announcer:"...we're in New Orleans."

Rob:"...oh New...OH NEW ORLEANS! WHY DIDN'T I GO TO IT! I WANTED TO GO TO IT! (His voice got high....so precious!)

***Oh, BTW...everyone started screaming...but of course you knew that would happen.**

Rob: **He said something else, (gosh, what did he say??) "....I'm not in the driving seat."

Announcer: "Ok, we'll let you get back to your driving and uh, we're going to go have some good times, I think...so...thanks for joining us everybody."

**Everyone claps and screams "Bye Rob"**

Announcer: "All of you can go out into the lobby and hang out with this guy." (pointing to Mike)

**Then people started getting up since we thought Rob was gone, then we still here him saying "uhhhh". Everyone was shushing each other.**

Rob: "Mike, come to LA...I'm really bored.....um, I don't know...am I still on the tape?"

Everyone: "YES!"

Rob: (laughing and rambling on about something that no one could hear, I think.)


The girl in front of me then said very slowly ohhh-myyy-goddd.....I hear ya girl!

Mike was signing autographs outside the theater....the line was short, but we had a long drive ahead of us, so we left.....feeling warm and fuzzy all over.